Faces of the Jewellery Quarter – Interview with our company director David Turner

Ever wondered what Dave our Director gets up to in the office here at GemPort?

Have a look at this video to see his ‘vision of excellence’, as obtained by the fabulous Strategy Plus – Online Marketing Agency for the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter

#FacesOfTheJewelleryQuarter Episode 16!

Gemport Jewellery – Faces of The Jewellery Quarter

#FacesOfTheJewelleryQuarter Episode 16!This week, we visited the lovely people from GemPort Jewellery Ltd, in the #JewelleryQuarter.Watch the interview below!Don't forget to like and share!

Posted by Birmingham Jewellery Quarter on Friday, 2 March 2018

This interview gives afirmation as to how we operate and how GemPort Jewellery Limited always gives outstanding customer service.