Birthstone for September… Sapphire

Birthstone for September….. SAPPHIRE 


Intensely blue, velvety smooth, and pairs perfectly with diamonds.

Sapphire (and its sibling Ruby) is a variety of corundum, a very hard and tough mineral—second in hardness to diamonds. Sapphire is mined throughout the world, but Madagascar is the world leader. The largest, flawless and most famous sapphire, the Logan sapphire, weighing in at 422.9 carats, was mined in Sri Lanka and is on display at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.
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One of the big three gemstones (along with rubies and Emeralds), Sapphires are wildly popular as a birthstone and as an accent to diamonds in engagement and wedding rings. One of the most famous sapphire wedding rings is a 12-carat oval blue Ceylon set in 18ct white gold engagement ring and surrounded by 14 round diamonds, once Princess Diana’s wedding ring and now on the finger of her daughter-in-law, Kate Middleton.

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Sapphires have been prized since the Middle Ages, when the clergy wore them to enhance their virtue. The September born will appreciate the stone’s reputation for banishing negative thoughts and increasing intuition and insight. In the modern era, brides wear sapphires as their “something blue” to bring good luck as they walk down the aisle.

This gemstone is associated with Faith, Honesty, Wisdom and Serenity.


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