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Valuations for Insurance:

diamond-careWe offer a complete in house valuation service by a professional registered valuer Joanne Turner.
 Our valuation service offers a full insurance valuation for the replacement of your jewellery should the need ever arise. As part of our valuation process you will be presented with a certificate for your valuation.

Our charge for our insurance valuation service is £30 booking fee which also covers the cost of producing the insurance valuation + 1.6% commission. This basically equates to £46 for the 1st thousand and £26 per thousand thereafter.

Jewellery Repairs:

repairs-1From our workshop we carry out all aspects of jewellery repair, restoration and alteration.

You will be given an estimate before the work starts which will be accurate and will not be exceeded.

Our trained staff and goldsmiths will be at hand to fully explain all options and to give you the best advice for your consideration.

If you have lost gem stones from a piece of jewellery, we can supply and reset to a perfect match and help with any insurance claims that you may be able to make, supplying any written quotations that your insurance company may require.

If you have any jewellery that is beyond repair, or simply not worn anymore, we can melt it down to create a new and stunning piece of jewellery, at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Pearl Restringing:

images-1We offer a full high quality pearl restring service to a high standard, all pearls are removed from the original silk and cleaned by hand, both inside and out prior to rethreading on to new silk.

We are able to restring your pearls as a plain strand or knotted between each pearl, in addition we are also able to supply silver or gold clasps for single strands or up to 5 rows.

All pearl restringing is covered by a six month guarantee and each job will be issued with a certificate of guarantee complete with cleaning and care instructions.

In addition, we are also able to offer a restringing service on gemstone beads on a variety of materials including silk, nylon and steel wire for those larger, heavier items.

All work is generally completed in about one week.

We do also sell pearl necklaces and gemstone necklaces in our showroom and also have the facility to manufacture your own bespoke items.

Rhodium Plating

Re-Rhodium-platingWe offer a complete rhodium plating service within our own workshop which generally only takes a few days and will result in your white gold jewellery being restored to an as new condition.

As part of our rhodium plating service we will polish your item of jewellery to remove all scratches and traces of the old rhodium plating. It is very important to remove the old rhodium plating as this will give a very dull and patchy appearance if left on the item.

After the scratches and old rhodium plating have been removed your item of jewellery will be polished to a brilliant shine as the rhodium will only be as bright as the polished finish below.

After the polish has been completed, we then immerse the jewellery in to an electrolysis chemical cleaner to further enhance the item and remove any finger prints which can show as dark patches on your jewellery if not removed.

Finally we can now add the all important coat of rhodium plating restoring your jewellery to the day that it was purchased.

Our prices for rhodium plating are generally £30 for most rings and other small items of white gold jewellery, and £45.00 for larger items such as heavy bracelets etc.

We use a new formulated ultra bright rhodium plating which is far superior to the basic rhodium plating used by most.

Watch Servicing

watch-repairThe movement of your watch needs to be serviced periodically. Watches are designed to provide accurate and reliable service over a long period. However like any sensitive precision instrument it will need periodic service to ensure that it functions perfectly.

Worn out movement parts and aged oil inside the movement may cause a watch to lose time or stop. A full service at GemPort Jewellery ensures your watch is restored to its original condition and manufacturers specifications. Before carrying out a service one of our highly skilled watchmakers conduct a thorough examination of the movement to determine which procedures will be necessary to ensure that your watch will continue to run accurately for years to come.

When servicing your watch at GemPort Jewellery we fully strip the movement and every individual component is cleaned and worn parts replaced. The components are then reassembled, lubricated and all functions tested regulated and sealed back into the ultrasonically cleaned case. Testing takes place over a 7- 10 day period where timekeeping, positional error regulation and power reserves are tested.

Our highly skilled watchmakers use classic techniques and state of the art equipment to service and maintain your timepiece to the highest standard. You can rest assured your watch is in safe hands.

All our watchmakers are qualified with the British Horological Institute.

We are so confident in our services that we are proud to offer a One Year Guarantee on all our watch repairs and Services.

Watch Case and Bracelet Refurbishment and Polishing

If your watch is looking a little worn or tired our watchmakers are able to refinish most watches, whether you require a simple polish and clean or a full refurbishment to bring the watch back to its original condition. We deal in any watch brands, satin finished, stainless steel or gold.

We provide an exceptional watch polishing service using state of the art watch polishing equipment. Watch cases and bracelets are brought back as close to factory finish as possible. Totally revitalising and rejuvenating your timepiece.

Jewellery Bespoke CAD Design

image002-1Did you know that GemPort Jewellery can manufacture beautiful fully finished jewellery, just for you?

From your idea or sketch we can produce a Bespoke CAD model to your exact specifications. A photorealistic rendered image will then be emailed for your approval.

Once the design has been finalised we will rapid prototype the CAD model and cast in your required alloy. Our expert in-house goldsmiths can then finish and set the piece, or we can simply send you the casting.

3D Scanning

GemPort Jewellery now offers a high resolution 3D Scanning service which digitises physical objects, opening up a new realm of exciting design opportunities.

For more information please contact the CAD Team at sales@gemportjewellery.co.uk

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